Canine massage therapy is not intended to replace Veterinary care.   All dogs must be under the care of a Licensed Veterinarian.   You may click on the link below to download and print our referral form.  However, a letter or prescription from your Veterinarian’s office will be sufficient. 

When we will not massage your dog:

- If your dog has a fever.
- If your pet is taking Steroids or NSAIDs for an injury we will ask that you wait at least 4 days from completing the medication before massaging your pet. Exceptions will be Veterinarian authorization to massage while on medication or dogs on daily maintenance NSAID’s.
- If there is swelling and heat in a specific area or areas.  Massaging a swollen area could cause damage to the tissues and subcutaneous bleeding.
- Any undiagnosed lump or mass on the dog’s body.
- If there is a possibility of an injured extremity which has not been treated or diagnosed by a Veterinarian.
- If your dog has been diagnosed with Cancer, Veterinarian instructions will be required prior to massaging your dog.  Please call for more information.

All Massages are done in the privacy of your own home.  All we will need is a quiet room away from other pets, children etc. to minimize distractions to your dog, and your dog’s favorite blanket or bed to lay on.  I will massage your dog in whatever place they feel most comfortable. That could be on the floor, couch, massage table etc.