The Massage

In order to properly treat the whole animal, each massage session consists of a full body massage.  

Muscles are compensatory.  If there is a problem, for example, in the hips, the animal will adjust its weight forward to ease the strain behind.  As a result, the front end then becomes over-worked.  A full body massage will help to restore balance in movement and comfort.  

Each session is approximately 45 to 75 minutes.  I work twenty-three muscle groups on each side of the body.  

It is important that your pet has access to plenty of water post-massage.  The increased circulation is a boost to the metabolism, which will increase thirst and possibly urination.  It is not unusual to see a quick burst of energy post-massage, followed by a heavy sleep.  

The Rates

Individual Massage sessions are $55.00 per massage.  However, your pet will feel the most benefits from routine maintenance massage. Please call or email to ask about discounts when committing to long term massage therapy for your pet. Some Pet insurance companies may cover massage therapy, please ask for more information.


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